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According to a study by the Aberdeen Research Group, the average impact of a 1-second delay leads to a 7% reduction in conversions. For a $100,000/day ecommerce site, a one-second delay means $2.5 million in lost revenues per year.
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Key web design mistakes

So, you have built a fantastic looking website. It uses the latest web technologies, including real-time color tracking and face detection. This doesn't mean that your site is perfect, though. Here are some frequent mistakes that most web/UX designers make.

1. Poorly designed mobile sites.

Yes, you have created a responsive website that looks fantastic on mobile devices as well. It's the wise way of doing things, because more than 50% of people use...
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The Basics of User Experience

User Experience, a.k.a. UX, is more important than ever. It's the experience that people have when they are visiting your website, trying one of your application demos, interacting with your "software as a service" solution, and so on. Data Alliance highlights a few key stats in the graph below.

Of course, UX isn't limited to the tech sector. User experience is involved whenever we use our microwave ovens, for example. And hopefully, their designers did a great job, allowing us to reheat a pizza using as few steps as possible, in an intuitive way...
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