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Want to offer your website visitors an unforgettable user experience? It certainly helps to have a site that looks nice and is easy to navigate. However, one of the most important aspects, which will almost guarantee your success, is the quality of your website content.

Everyone and their grandmas are blogging these days! Seriously, there are lots of blogging grandmas out there, and some of them write awesome articles - check out this website, for example.
How to create great website content
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It is estimated that people publish about two million new articles each day. So, if the competition is so fierce, what can you do to attract huge numbers of visitors to your website? Here are the key factors that will help your site stand out.

Before we begin, please remember that it is very helpful to go through this process thinking like one of your targeted users. So, step into their shoes right now, and imagine that a person (let's call her Jane) is interested in discovering great UX articles on the web. So, Jane googles "great UX articles" and examines the search results page.

Jane will usually click the first few results are the top, and then examine their associated sites. But, assuming that your website is one of those listed at the top, why should Jane pick your site? Well, because the title and the description of your site are really enticing. In fact, they are so attractive that they basically force Jane to click your search result.

Okay, so now Jane has landed on your website. You'd better do everything in your power to not disappoint her! Maybe your title has promised her "20 easy UX wins", for example. Ensure that the actual article fulfills that promise. Make those UX wins really easy, don't lie to her!

Obviously, it is quite difficult to please everyone. So, your main goal is to focus your content creation efforts on what your highly targeted audience is interested in. But how can you find out this precious information?

If you've got plenty of time, you should definitely visit the top forums in your niche. Discover the most popular questions, and see how many people are interested in those particular topics. Then, write articles that answer those questions thoroughly.

If you lack time, you should run a Facebook ad campaign. The beauty of Facebook is that it gives you the option of targeting very specific users, allowing you to choose their gender, age, income level, and more. Put all sorts of ads in front of their eyes, and which ones attract clicks to your website.

Now that you know what your targeted audience is interested in, it's time to create the actual content. Make sure that it is written by a professional and sounds credible. Ensure that your content is devoid of any errors.

Also, make your articles easy to read. Most copywriters recommend using two or three phrases for each paragraph. It's a rule I go by most of the time, and it makes my articles have short, clean paragraphs that look just like this one.

Insert images, graphs and videos into your articles. Surprisingly, these elements make it easier for your readers to stay focused, instead of distracting them. Always use relevant resources, of course.

Discover, and then use your unique voice. You are competing with millions of talented writers, after all. Okay, maybe only 1000 of them are really talented, but that's more than enough to bury your website on the 100th search results page.

Don't forget to create a unique experience for your website visitors. Maybe you can use some publicly available data to create a few stats that no one has thought about creating before. Or maybe you can combine some existing resources in an innovative way.

Think cats versus dogs gifs, for example. Okay, maybe this has been done before, but I think that you've gotten my point. And if you lack creativity, you'd better learn from your top competitors. See how they engage their audiences.

Sometimes it's easy to be perceived as an expert by simply sharing existing industry resources. Learn how content curation works; it can help you create amazing content fast.

Creating great website content takes time; that is a given fact. However, this article has highlighted a few efficient shortcuts that can help you accelerate the entire process.